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Janneke van Beek Fotografie

Burningman Netherlands


Burningman: Where The Sheep Sleep 2016, The Netherlands

Update August 6, 2016

I remember seeing the Burningman event on television in the 90’s. Even though I was only about 12 years old in that time, the creativity, the fun and the surrealistic images where very much in line with my fascinations. Going there always sticked in the back of my mind.

Exactly one week ago I chilled out with my new friends on the grass, waiting for people joining our workshops at our ARTIFARTI theme camp at Burningman Netherlands! This event called “Where the sheep sleep” was the first time that Burningman organized the event in the Netherlands.

At my first Burn ever, I was tempted to join a theme camp where I could express my art that would connect people. I was invited to join the themecamp of Paul Tekenbroek, who was doing photoshoots on the event together with Janneke van Beek. We even had a costume maker: Emma Russell, help from Richard Krabbendam and  cooks Guido Verhagen and Saskia Houben.

Because of my project Slutster, where I give people recognition by sharing their portraits online and offline, I decided doing something similar in the themecamp. Burners could choose someone randomly on the event, someone they didn’t know yet. Then I would draw the portrait of that person on their body. The other way around was possible as well: asking if you could be drawn on somebody’s body. The portrait was in this case less important. Important was to connect people with eachother on the event by my portraits. It was really fun and a very succesfull way to connect people with eachother. Below you will see some results:


Charis Felice ARTIFARTI Portraits

Charis Felice ARTIFARTI Portraits


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