The brand Charis Felice™ is named after consciousness artist Charis Felice. Charis’ goal is to make her audience to see life from different “angles” to understand the broader meaning of being a human being and to engage them with their inner and external world. Influenced by pop-art and, Christo, Jean Claude and Jeff Koons, her projects are connecting people and raising consciousness by commercial and non-commercial projects.

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For all your marketing content, illustration, infographic and graphic design assignments.

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"My art helps people to engage and connect
with their inner and their external world."

Charis Felice

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Art Projects

HealingTarot.Net is all about tarot for personal development: if you don’t like the future outcome of a tarot reading it is time to do something about it in the present. 

On Charis’ YouTube channel you can watch tarot reading video’s that give you insights on how to improve you week and month in regard to your love life, business, career and other situations.

With the HealingTarot.Net tarot course you can learn to read tarot cards yourself.

After the art academy Charis Felie launched webshops and combined art together with e-commerce. is a project by consciousness artist Charis Felice likes, shares and recommends people, inspired by the ongoing rectangular photo profiles on social media and website profiles to promote ourselfs personally with our best pictures. Charis (who lived in Amsterdam) couldn’t ignore the asssociation with the prostitutes behind windows at the red light district in Amsterdam. She is using this inspiration source, without any judgement, to connect people in a loving way by this project.

In the webshop we sell T-shirts with portraits of real people drawn by artists, at the moment by Charis Felice herself. Charis’ projects connect people and raises consciousness.

At the age of 13, during the 90’s, Charis starts experimenting with Jezkola Buzz Tracker. Inspired by Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot and she made her own first hardcore and terror tracks around 1997.

During her studies as a multimedia designer, she meets turntablists and artists who can appreciate her music.

Around 2004 she sings for the first time in the track “Ruimteschip” (spaceship) and in 2020 Charis Felice takes a different road by start making music for the audience.

Artist Charis Felice: "To convert my art concept into a store took me about 5 years or even more when I think about the process. I am connecting people through art. In this shop every product includes literally a human story. Everytime someone buys a Tshirt in this shop, peace and love in this world are being restored bit by bit. Slutster is not a human being but a website that doesn't discriminate nor judge."

What clients say about Project HealingTarot.Net

“Charis is very tuned in to what I was completely lost in the fog about so I highly recommend HealingTarot because that’s exactly what it is! The reading is channeled in a very beautiful way.”
Deirdre – USA

“Charis’ readings are always detailed, thoughtful, insightful, and delivered with great care, warmth, humanity and compassion. Every time I have to read through each lengthy reading several time because all the uncanny details resonate with me on so many levels. It’s always a transformative, uplifting, and healing process and it’s so obvious that Charis truly cares about others in sharing her tremendous talents and gifts. Thank you Charis, so very much!” 
Jooyong – USA​

“Very accurate in depth reading which touched all of the concerns surrounding my question. Loved they way she conveyed the messages.”
Jari – Finland

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